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  • Flaming Hot Beef Jerky
  • No Nitrates 
  • No MSG(except that which naturally occurs in soy sauce)
  • Small Batch Made
  • Hand Cut. Hand Strung. Hand Packed.

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Floats like a hornet, and stings like a radioactive space scorpion. This Flaming Hot Beef Jerky ain’t no joke. Made with Carolina Reaper powder it is extremely hot, and extraordinarily delicious.

5 reviews for Flaming Hot

  1. Christopher Braden Jarrett

    Excellent Jerky,Perfect Flavor and Heat.Only downfall is the small 3 oz size being the only available.I would Love to buy in Bulk,expensive.

  2. Bryan Sagnor

    It’s absolutely fantastic. It has some legit heat to which is what I love. Most things advertised as spicy are mild at best. Thumbs up to this hidden gem.

  3. Adam

    WTF??? I saw this jerky at a Sheetz around Pittsburgh, PA and instantly got it plus some No Man’s Land Hot jerky thinking if it ain’t hot I at least have a backup plan. This is the SPICIEST jerky I have ever had. I had to pull over to see what was in it and saw it has Carolina Reaper peppers. I was so surprised and happy to find it out. It isn’t just spicy, it’s freaking addicting. This jerky is incredible y’all. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to try your other flavors but I know this will be my new go to.

  4. Megan

    As someone that loves spicy food, I was so happy to find a brand that actually delivered on a hot jerky! Love the flavor!

  5. Brandon

    Freaking best jerky I ever had brother if the macho man was still around r.i.p he would give 5 out of 5 ooohhhhhh yeaaaaahhhh brothers. Amazing some of best jerky I had long time not to hot, just right amount of heat and then that saltyness from garlic and soy sauce just pair beautifully

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