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  • Flaming Hot Beef Jerky
  • No Nitrates 
  • No MSG(except that which naturally occurs in soy sauce)
  • Small Batch Made
  • Hand Cut. Hand Strung. Hand Packed.

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For those that like heat, this one can’t be beat! This tasty temptation is made with Carolina Reaper powder infusing each piece with an intense heat that lingers on the palate. Proceed with caution because it floats like a hornet, and stings like a radioactive space scorpion.

Weight 3 oz

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5 reviews for Flaming Hot

  1. Christopher Braden Jarrett

    Excellent Jerky,Perfect Flavor and Heat.Only downfall is the small 3 oz size being the only available.I would Love to buy in Bulk,expensive.

  2. Bryan Sagnor

    It’s absolutely fantastic. It has some legit heat to which is what I love. Most things advertised as spicy are mild at best. Thumbs up to this hidden gem.

  3. Adam

    WTF??? I saw this jerky at a Sheetz around Pittsburgh, PA and instantly got it plus some No Man’s Land Hot jerky thinking if it ain’t hot I at least have a backup plan. This is the SPICIEST jerky I have ever had. I had to pull over to see what was in it and saw it has Carolina Reaper peppers. I was so surprised and happy to find it out. It isn’t just spicy, it’s freaking addicting. This jerky is incredible y’all. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to try your other flavors but I know this will be my new go to.

  4. Megan

    As someone that loves spicy food, I was so happy to find a brand that actually delivered on a hot jerky! Love the flavor!

  5. Brandon

    Freaking best jerky I ever had brother if the macho man was still around r.i.p he would give 5 out of 5 ooohhhhhh yeaaaaahhhh brothers. Amazing some of best jerky I had long time not to hot, just right amount of heat and then that saltyness from garlic and soy sauce just pair beautifully

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