We are also SQF level 3 certified and specializes in private label beef jerky.

1.  Shelf life on most of our current products are 18 months with a water activity below a .72 mark.
2.  Shelf life on items above a .72 mark are given a 12 month shelf life.
3.  We keep sample batches extremely low due to cost on both ends.  We ask for a 10 lb test batch size.  We also charge a flat rate fee of 100 dollars in order to be able to cover our cost.
4.  We have also set up our manufacturing in order to be able to take in small Min. runs.  We ask that all companies at least hit a 250 lb raw Min. order.
5. Pricing does change from item to item depending on yields extra and if our meat is used or if you plan on supplying raw materials.  If raw materials are supplied we work a Tolling charge per raw lb of meat .  Basic processes fall into a $3.70 dollar on raw weight of meat received for processing. If extra steps are needed for some reason price does go up.
6. If raw meat is used from our supply we normally charge per oz on finished product.  Currently we range from 1.10 an ounce to 1.40 an ounce depending on product yield and difficulty of processing.
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